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hi all

my son is 2yrs and 7 months. recently we got a one day play school. and the incharge gave us a report about our son that he is not responding to his name mostly and do not make more eye to eye contact.

they sent an letter to my health visitor coating this and asked for a referrel for ASD clinic. but apart from this he is very good in learning he is able to say alphabets, relate a for b for, colours shapes and more i can say complete pre school syslabus. he grasps what ever we teach. he was not talking great but now he is able to communicate what he wants in 2 languages.

i am not sure whether he is really in ASD...pediatric appointment is very far close to an year from now on.

not sure what next step can do... he plays with his friends whom he is meeting for long time. even when travelling when he see his age group kids he likes to be with them and do what they do... but in his school he is not that much moving with other kids.(i have not seen in school).. he is more fond of animals. he makes animal sounds what ever he saw in cartoon. more liking to play with animals especially with elephant. we get negative remark for this. but not sure is this autism how to take it from here...

pls give your inputs..

  • To me looks like High Functioning Autism (HFA) or Aspergers. That's just an initial impression based on my own experience of myself but you'll need a proper diagnostic assessment.

    He sounds a lot like I was as a small child. My mum had my hearing tested because of the apparent unresponsiveness to my name being called at the time. It did turn out that I had some mild hearing loss due to glue-ear which was dealt with but as an adult I have been diagnosed with ASD (formerly known as Aspergers).

    Had my ASD been picked up early I could have been tought strategies for dealing with social etiquette instead of spending 52 years learning the hard way.

    Go for the diagnosis. What you describe often comes with a higher than average IQ so he should have a bright future. Hans Asperger would describe such children as Little Professors.

    You'll have seen people in life, brain the size of a planet but clueless socially. A lot of these people are on the autistic spectrum but have never had any diagnosis.

    I seem to be saying a lot from the little you have said but for me it so describes me as a child.

  • Hi, it was also my son's nursery teacher who mentioned the possibility of autism when he was 3yrs old and he got his Asperger's diagnosis when he was 4 yrs old and this entitled him to a learning support helper in school and at now 12yrs old he still has a support helper in high school. Definitely push for the autism assessment, i had no clue my son was autistic, and through his experiences and difficulties i came to realise my difficulties could be dowm to autism and low and behold, i joined the autisic community too following a very overdue assessment! Even though you and your son may have to wait a year for the assessment it still should mean he gets a diagnosis before he starts school full time and then you need to push for a learning support for him, both for education and social skills. Best wishes to you both.

  • Our son is high functioning and he wouldn't react to his name until he was 3 and a bit. He didn't talk until recently. He is very picky eater! Everything needs to be plain. He is now 4 and 6 months and he has made so much progess. We were wondering if he is or not autistic. I kind of knew deep down, if you now what I mean. He is so sweet and the most cuddly person I know. He loves movies and he would script and often comunicate using the scripts from his favourite programmes. He knows all the colours, animals, alphabet, numbers... You name it. He is expert with ipad (eventhough we try to limit this). He giggles and play "chase" with his brothers. He loves children and playing around them. He loves swimming and is so athletic! We are lucky he has brothers to push him in his social developement. We live in USA at the moment and the choice of help is great. I am dreading the return to UK next year... Good luck with the diagnoses and to me, it definitely sounds like, if he is on spectrum, it is the high functioning.