Hey, I'm Mia. I'm looking to meet new people that have similar interests to me, I don't have friends or anyone to talk to or relate to so I'm trying this :) 

I wrote a little bit in my bio about me so read that. 

  • hello Mia, same i struggle at  socializing too. im new here i like art and animation, do u like minecraft and are you excited  for the new update that's coming soon. i dont play much games sorry, but i do some times watch Call of Duty: Zombies. And  welcome to this Forum :) 

  • That's cool, i draw a little. :) I do enjoy minecraft I recently started playing it on the switch so i'm still new to it. And Zombies is cool :) & Thank you :) 

  • that's ok aw nice what do you draw :) oh yeah that's good what have you done so far on minecraft. are you enjoying it, yeah Zombies is cool :)

  • I'm drawing a pokemon picture at the moment :) and then i have a small dragon book i use more like a diary just with drawings instead of words. I like dragons :) And not much lol i've build a house and dyed my bed blue lol and get lost a lot 

  • aww that's good how's it going :) thats nice oh yeah same i all ways get lost lol, my dad used to collect dragon ornaments. i dont know any thing about dragons are there lots of different ones. as i only saw the ones off of game of thrones

  • How is what going? Sorry. Ohh that's nice and me neither really, I mostly like how they look. & GOT was so good, I started reading the books just finished the first one :) so a lot of reading left to do 

  • thats ok :) how was the drawing going, yeah GOT was, oh yeah was  the first one like the tv show or was it different.  

  • It's going really well thank you, i have space for one more pokemon i'm trying to decide what one, i already have pikachu, cubone, growlithe & umbreon, which are my favorites. & the book is almost identical to the show but it's been so long since i watched to show that it's a nice recap of it all :) Are you drawing anything at the moment?

  • good to hear :) oh right thats nice, i used to watch it. there's so many pokemons but it's nice to have a lot to choose from :)

  • not at the moment but, im doing a sculpture for college, its a bit tricky i'm thinking of doing a collage instead :)