what to do next?

Hi All, This is a email I have just sent to your supportcare group section by accident so I can anyone else help me?  I was told I had Asperger’s back in 2011 after a long term job contract ended due to me being rude or gross misconduct to the general public.  And since then I have worked for the Combined Services Provider Ltd in  car parks at social & sporting  events ( I show people where to park their cars) it is casual work.  I have a problem and that is I talk too much too the general public about their cars & other things that may upset them by accident without realising that I doing so. And this sort of thing gets me into trouble at work.  The Company only keeps me on as I’m reliable, very good time keeper & very good worker , I told them that  I have Asperger’s  syndrome & this sort of thing can happen.  And even now this week I got myself into trouble over something I said to a member of public & have had all my work shifts cancelled for the rest of the month. The reason I’m connecting you is for support as what to do next for a job? Something that doesn’t involve too much talking like a very noisy warehouse like Amazon.  Or I could go back to working for the post office sorting office / Angard which is another casual job I have but stopped due to the co-vid 19 problem as I’m type 2 diabetic as well.   I hope you can help in some way or  point me to someone for moral support.

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