I don't know where to start

Hi! I'm Liz. 26, female, engaged.

I'm here because I have never really talked to anyone about the possibility I might be living undiagnosed with ASD. I have however spent a lot of months obsessively researching traits, struggles and watching content created by other people with ASD and figured this would be a good place to start interacting with folks who may once have been in the same position and help me find my footing in getting some support while I seek diagnosis.

I look forward to talking more with some of you and sharing experiences.

  • Hi Liz. The researching thing in detail is something that was prominent in my assessment. I was diagnosed 3 odd weeks ago after 38 years or struggling to understand myself. 
    I pursued a diagnosis to help myself and did the 50 questions test online and printed it off and went to see my gp. She gave me their screening tests to do and that went to the specialists who deemed me suitable for an assessment. After a year of waiting for an appointment I was referred to healios and was given an assessment date fairly quickly and had my assessment online in due course. 
    I always knew I was different as I obsessively pursued interests and didn’t wanna socialise. 

  • Hello, welcome to the forum! 

  • Thanks for sharing. Yeah I research in detail on all sorts of random stuff, this quarrantine I learned how to do kitchen lithography because I got swept up in an obsession over medieval art and music. Did I make any lithography art? Did I heck.
    Anyways... that's a handy tip, thanks. I'm having a particularly rough day of it and just took the 50 Qs and scored very high. I should keep a copy of that. It's encouraging to hear once your referral went through the last leg wasn't too long a wait.

  • Think I got 46 on that test. It’s certainly was a help for me in deciding to Pursue a diagnosis and my gp certainly took it seriously. The outcome of my assessment surprised me as met every single criteria and let’s just say my Actual score blew away the threshold score. Not sure what level I am but I’d say at least 2. Have learnt to mask well but emotions do get the better of me quite regularly and I don’t care what I do or say when I’m having an episode. Having an off day today feeling like nobody cares and feeling a bit lonely as close family don’t seem to wanna discuss things.