From Bulgaria

Hi community, 

I got curious about having a diagnosys for Asperger after reading the NHS material and this domain, but I am still not sure what happens in my countries. (I am Italian and live in Bulgaria. Also I have a Belgium id).

With 40 years on my shoulders I am pretty sure I am different, and thought about having some serious mental disorder many times.

And how will an official diagnosys impact or help? Is possible my previous doctors (multiple GPs, psychiatrics and psychologists) didn't notice, or were all just not instructed to watch for this?

In my search for truth I went through the antroposophical movement and come to know Georg Kuhlewind work with the Star Children, then I found him referenced in Curt Butz book.

"Within 3 generations the incidence of autistic births will reach 100%"

Thanks for being here.