I'm Kristian and I'm a bisexual young adult male with Asperger's Syndrome, depression and anxiety. I thought I'd try this community to make some new friends because I'm feeling very alone and isolated and the current situation hasn't helped. I live with my mum and dad who I love very much but we're struggling to find things to do so mum suggested I try some online communities for people like me and hopefully I can make some new friends who I can hang out and do stuff with. I'm generally very shy and it's difficult for me to communicate a lot of the time but when given a chance, I can really get into a conversation.

I have 3 dogs, two are fluffy pomeranians and one is a shih-tzu that grandma gave to us.

My main hobbies and interests are playing video games, music and cartoon art but it's very difficult for me to find the energy to do the latter two a lot of the time, I'm trying to change that but it's hard.

I'm about to go into my final year of studying creative media technology at university, I was supposed to be on work placement for this year but it was cut a couple months short due to the pandemic so I've been left very unoccupied and lonely for a while.

I'm ideally looking for friends who are also interested in video games like me and would be up for being gaming buddies or just chatting. I feel that games are a lot more fun and less lonely when played with friends so if you play video games too and would be interested in hanging out, please do let me know. I play primarily on PC and Switch.