Looking for advice please!

Evening all, how many of you have children that use to sleep on their own beds as toddlers, but from around age of 3-4 didn't sleep in their bed, would have massive meltdowns and anxiety about sleeping in their own bed so for an easier time you would let them sleep in your bed and got stuck in a rut as every night that's what your child would expect?  Well my son is a few years older now and tonight I don't know how I managed it but he's in his own bed, granted I had to lie in his bed with him holding his hand...he wants me to sleep there all night. Now this is where I need advice, do I stay with him all night or do I leave and sleep in my bed with my husband for the first time in what feels like forever. I worry incase my son wakens and realises I'm not there then it's a massive meltdown in the middle of the night... Not something I would want to handle during the night. Any advice on how to deal with this matter would be appreciated and please be kind, trying to do the right thing