Almost certain I am somewhere on the Autistic Spectrum

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the NAS community. Here's my hopefully not totally alienating introduction.
I've committed myself to full recovery from Anorexia back in February 2019 and am happy to share that I have become active in eating disorder advocacy since last month, via Youtube. As an artist and polyglot, I try to view eating disorders through a multi-disciplinary and international lens. As a result, I've recently come across very new hypotheses that Asperger's could be a cause of Anorexia. Not that that may be news to you but perhaps there are ways my contribution in this field can be of use to you. Here's a link to a more wordy version of my thoughts on the subject for those interested. I hope it can prove to be of use and am looking forward to any questions or feedback that you may have. I am in the middle of a learning-process so the more comments, the better.

On the auto-biographical note, I will also leave you with my artist's website.

Best wishes from Vienna, 

  • Hi Lara Verena Bellenghi

    You're being a bit naughty, :)   You're not allowed to post anything that identifies you. I personally dont mine, nor do I make or enforce the rules of this forumn.

    You have an impressive CV ! 

    But please stay around you'll learn alot here  and people here will love your creativity.

    What makes you think you are autistic ?

    You should seriously think about doing a degree in psychology/ Msc in Autism. You would make a really good researcher. You present videos really well and the multilingual skills are an excellent way of reaching all corners.

    What do others think ?

  • Lara, welcome to the forum. I am an autistic woman and had suffered from anorexia in my youth, Now my daughter also has an eating disorder so it is really helpful that you talk about it. I will get my daughter to listed to it.