Hello... thats my first step. Im very new to ASD although completely undiagnosed. Im almost 46 and Id say high functioning as I have a skilled job with qualifications. Ive actually sent my GP surgery a request online to speak about possible diagnosis for myself and I'll be mentioning my 17yr old daughter. My wife amongst others, is the person that I most paid attention to when she spoke to me about ASD. As I said, a few people have mentioned ASD before but I thought they were just out to hurt me, probably because of their approach. 

I have always been aware of failings, thought processes, differences and my own character throughout my life but never could join the dots. Just before Christmas last year, having time to sit and reflect, I started researching ASD. There are lots of professionals that would agree self diagnosis online is very thin ice but I couldnt help but tick so many boxes when I looked at the list of traits. It was actually a really enlightening experience and I remember crying a lot as I sat with my beautiful wife and appologised for being such hard work. Also, our relationship was struggling and I told her I would understand if she couldnt carry on any more. My daughter and I really test her resolve at times ! 

Anyway, Im me, Ive read some posts about struggles etc. I think one of my fav post was under the title of What autism means to you or me... or something like that. Reading through some ones post, I couldnt help but nod along and see myself. 

I dont know if Im much of a conversationinst but Id like to stick around, learn a bit from those that have the experience and perhaps get the support for myself and my family that dont have ASD but do live with it. 

  • Thanks for reading.