Hello :-) Glad I've found this space


Registered a couple of weeks ago.

Already feeling at home here.

Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences and tips - really helpful. If I pick up any along the way, I'll share too.

I'm starting on my journey towards diagnosis as an adult partly because like many others I've always experienced that sense of not fitting in and have seriously suspected ASD for about 15 years now partly because we've had to get one of our daughters assessed (she's on the long waiting list for child assessments) so I owe it to her to get myself in order so I can help her through life and lastly because the natural chaos of family life and being peri-menopausal seem to bring out the worst of my ASD traits and my ability to mask and cope is wearing out - I need my workplace to adapt in order for me to continue working and in order for that to happen I feel I need a formal diagnosis.

Anyway - nice to meet you all.


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