University extra support

Hi.  Firstly looking for advice on how to get a diagnosis- my son is 22 had a statement throughout school/college for ‘global development delays’ full traits of autism, never diagnosed with autism.. Now he feels he needs that diagnosis- where do I start?

Also wondering for those with young adults  in higher education/university. My son has just started a music degree in London we live in the north east of England, so it’s a nightmare, for me. As I am a single MAM with an adopted little 1 (I was previously a foster carer) with FASD.. his sister’s have been taking turns going up and down along with me, it’s so expensive..I am struggling to find funding for him.  He gets Maintenance and tuition fees.  His PIP has just been stopped (agsin- it ll be another tribunal) we have applied for DSA.. is there anything else? Iv been intouch with student mental health/finance team.. but not getting anywhere fast.

thsnks. K 

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