Hi there

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie.

Got tested earlier this year for forms of neuro-diversity and came out positive for dyslexia, dyspraxia and a very high chance of autism too (currently awaiting a formal assessment).

So, umm, yea. Hi.

  • hi and welcome

    I have ASD and dyslexia.

    The dyslexia I always knew about and basically manage it ok. My autism was diagnosed a month ago  It was a big shock for me. 

    anyways there are lots of good folk in here so wait for more responses. 

    Feel free to ask anything and take part in the forums.


  • Hello and welcome! I have also recently come onto the forum, having been diagnosed with Level 2 ASD. Please do feel free to ask any questions and read my profile. I'm sure that everyone on here will give their best advice.