Football opportunities for people with disabilities

Hi all,

my name is Peter [Edited by Chloe Mod to remove identifying information] and I am a football coach who is very passionate in helping people with disabilities get involved in the sport. 

I run 2 PAN disability teams open to adults of any gender and any disability, based in Wilmslow (East Cheshire) and Hyde (Tameside). I started this 2 years ago and have developed the team dramatically in this period. soon I will be looking to open up junior sections to the club which will help young people with disabilities get involved in football. 

My overall aim is to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities. Football is an extremely popular sport and therefore everyone should have the opportunity to participate and feel part of a team. My clubs promote equality, teamwork, friendship and enjoyment along with everything a professional football club can offer, apart from the money! 

I do this on a voluntary basis, which for me, doesn't make the slightest bit of difference because I absolutely love what I do. as mentioned, I have huge plans for the future and want to develop disability football as much as possible. 

If you wish to see what its all about, please head over to my social media accounts!








I encourage anyone with any disability to get involved and help us achieve excellence and have the time of our lives playing football! Please help spread the word!

If you wish to find out more information about training details or anything to do with disability football, please get in touch at

Thank you