Son diagnosed today.... Now what?

Hi everyone.... so pleased I have found you...

So after a big battle trying to be seen by the correct people, my son George (Nearly 5 years old) was diagnosed with Autism and anxiety today.

It's funny because even though I knew it all along, i felt relieved yet also really sad when the Dr told us the diagnosis today...

I've been given a pile of leaflets and photocopies which I have been reading through this evening and to be honest I'm quite overwhelmed... What do I do now?

I have been on the send teaching school website and filled in a form expressing interest in their 'Cygnet' course (a course on understanding Autism, behaviour, communication etc). I guess I just wait to hear back now...

I have (obviously :-) ) signed up to this site as they mentioned the forums were super helpful...

But.... is that it? Do I need to do anything else? 

Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you all x

  • Hi,

    welcome to the forum!, it is a really good place to get advice In addition to that if you use social media i would suggest looking at some autistic led pages, or any local autistic run groups these really are the best places to learn, 

    I personally joined this site for support, still trying to get my daughter assessed after 5 years of going back and forward! I also did several understanding autism courses but by far the most helpful was talking to autistic adults, they have helped me gain the best understanding to encourage my daughter to have a positive view of autism, this is so important for positive mental health in the future. 

    Love, acceptance and the right support in my opinion is what a child needs to thrive!

  • I personally don't have children with autism, but there are quite a few people here who will be able to give you sound advice. Hope you find the advice you need.

    Hello and wecome to the community!