Hi All

Hi to everyone.

After struggling through life for 45 years, I have just been diagnosed with ASD. I have struggled with many things as long as I can remember, and knew I had issues but did not know why. Over the past 5 years I have really being trying hard to better my mental state and physical health, but really could not get my head around many issues.

About 3 years ago I watched a documentary on one of my favourite musicians, who mentioned in passing that he had Asperger's and a couple of the issues he has. This rang a bell for me, so when I saw another documentary a few months later on Asperger's I watched it. Everything they said was describing me. I did think that I managed things quite well, but then things were very hard and exhausting, so I did a bit more online research, did some online tests which said this could be my issue, concluded that I needed to pursue this further and work out whether I did or did not have Asperger's.

The rules say we shouldn't criticise organisations by name on here, so lets just say I went to a local health provision organisation and said that I thought I might have Asperger's and wanted a diagnosis assessment. I won't go into the detail as this post would be about 6 pages long, but lets just summarise that after 2 and half years of back and forth, raising an official complaint, going around in circles and seeing different people, the conclusion was that I would not get an assessment due to not being obviously positively Asperger's enough to warrant them spending their limited time on me.

The day after the final nail in that coffin I decided to spend the money and get a private assessment. I called a company who were very friendly, helpful, understanding and open, and was told I should get an assessment within 8 to 10 weeks, but might get a sooner cancelation appointment if one pops up. Three days later I get a call and they have a slot a week later. So after 11 days I have had my assessment and they concluded on the day without any doubts and I am now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder which they say would have previously been classed as Asperger's.

I am still getting my head around things but already feel massive relief, both for no longer having to battle with the unhelpful organisation and more importantly understanding why I am how I am. It is also great that you are all here and I am not alone anymore.