New and lost. (Long rabilings)

I have three children. The eldest 12 and resently diagnosed. The middle one is 9 awaiting diagnosis and the youngest is 7 months. 

Im feeling for want of a better term lost. I have been given the answer I expected regarding my eldest daighter and I'm expecting it again for my middle daughter dispite them being completely different. The diagnosis battle was difficult but now that seam like the easy part.

I have a report that frankly means nothing all the links provided with it are not all that helpful she's to old or to young or its all the other side of the county. Im getting little support from anywhere as I don't know where to turn.

Now it's almost 2am I can sleep and I can hear my youngest snoring away and I'm almost praying that dispite his prematurity that he is "normal" which makes me feel awful and I don't know if I'm right thinking if both his sister have ASD then he probably will too and then how will I manage.

I say I because it me who dose particley everything when it comes to the kids. The other half dosent seem to care apart from when our youngest daughter is having a meltdow over something small and he gets cross making it worse and more difficult for me who then has to calm everyone down.

Sorry iv gone on and on.