Greetings all:)

Hello everyone!

My name is John and I am 54 with a son diagnosed with Asperger.

Now I have had a quite a few “social and thinking quirks” of my own and been known to lack diplomacy, which has caused me to get into trouble a work. As I said my son has Aspergers and I’m pretty sure my mother was on the “Spectrum”

i decided last year to see my GP to see if he thought my mental state required further investigation. I wrote a chronological write up of life, early years, school, college etc together with a number of anecdotes. I produced 8 pages of typed A4, so quite a lot of information.

i would have done this years ago if my father saying I was being utterly ridiculous and my wife accusing me of being obsessive. I even saw a Phycologist a work after being signed off with stress and he said I didn’t have ASD (although he never asked my anything about it??)

i guess this shows, only you know what makes you tick and to pursue a diagnosis if you think you are Autistic

Unfortunately, my GP said that mental health services in Fareham, Hampshire is pretty much nonexistent and so I requested a private consultation.

This week I had a 1.5 hr session with a Physiatrist at the Priory Hospital, Southampton.

So at the end of the session, the Physiatrist said he was 95% certain that I had Asperger Syndrome.

He said he would have been happy to give me a written diagnosis there and then but he said to make it property official, he suggested a further assessment with a Phycologist and Mental Nurse.

Of course, there’s always a chance the second assessment say that I don’t have ASD.

Unfortunately, he said that there would be a 4 month wait but I said I was happy to pay.

So I am waiting to hear back from him, when he has found me a suitable private assessment relatively local to me. 

Of course now I want this assessment ASAP, because I don’t want to say anything to friends, family and work until I get an official diagnosis. And it would explain my sometimes non diplomatic outbursts at work, which are have been negatively by my management even though they are supposed to recognise mental health issues.

I’k report back when I get my half day assessment and hopefully formal diagnosis :)