Genetics and autism ...Who’s in the same boat?


I’ll start by saying my anxiety over this is taking over and as selfish as it sounds my thoughts are now coming between the relationship with my partner.

Basically my boyfriend has a little girl with his previous partner, who has autism. She lives with us and I love her to pieces however I can’t stop wondering if when we have a child does this mean they will be autistic too... I want a big family. I always have, yet obviously if this is the inevitable I doubt I can with extra support needed. 

My boyfriends brother is also autistic. Youngest of the 3 with a different father. Im not sure what I’m trying to gain from this, maybe I’m just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation to me and any advice they can give? 


  • Hi

    I don't think anyone can give you that answer, my partner is undiagnosed asd and has several family members on the spectrum, 

    We have 3 children each one different. Our eldest we are awaiting assessment for, the middle one is neurotypical and the youngest is a bit young to tell but as far as we are aware he is neurotypical to.

    It is not possible to predict if you would have an autistic child or not, but as long as you are happy and love your child does it matter?