New to NAS 11 year old son Diagnosed 10 days ago

Hi everyone  

I've joined to get support, read your experiences and generally as a go to for advice, and offer my own if possible.  My 11 year old was diagnosed as having Aspergers 10 days ago. Always knew, but what a relief that someone has finally listened, understood and seen what I do. Then my mind wandered to 10 years from now, then even further into the future when  I'm not here anymore. Who will look out for him the way I do, who will understand him the way really, only I do (as much as I think I do), how do I get him to deal with the way people react to his ways without thinking he is strange????? My head was so full in those first couple of minutes when she told me the outcome that I burst into tears. 

But then I focused because as his mum, the one person who can protect him as much as possible and help him to learn and deal with life, I have to keep myself together and really, it's what I've been doing since the day he was born.

So, hi from me :-)