My Son

Hi Guys 

My Son is awaiting to be assessed for autism as he showing possible signs. 

The signs he is showing are the following 

1. Delayed speech 

2. Tantrums 

3. Lining toys up

I have been reading up alot about autism and there seems to be a number of symptoms he doesn't do. He isn't bothered about playing with other children, he doesn't have trouble sleeping, he isn't fussy when it comes to food. He doesn't play with the same toys everyday and regarding lining his toys up this is only occasionally. 

He is going to hospital to have blood tests and the reason for this is because I have an autistic cousin and my partner has an autistic brother and two cousins. 

I just want to no people's Thoughts please my son is 3 in August. 

Thank You for reading this. 



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