Yo! Here to figure some stuff out.

Hi all.

I'm a 43yo male who suspects quite strongly that I am autistic.  It's difficult to know for sure, as I have a hearing disability which has affected me since birth (discovered when I was 6) and struggled with anxiety, depression and stress most of my adult life.

It's hard to be 100% sure in myself as I've managed to get to my age without any suspicion, but in retrospect I can see the markers of symptoms throughout my life.  It's also hard because I've not exhibited some of the symptoms at all, at least to my memory or knowledge.

Despite my hearing loss, I love ambient music - it's an ocean of calm sounds in a world I don't quite understand.  I've never listened to anything popular, mostly obscure stuff.  I love sci-fi books, film, but not so much TV, which I barely watch at all.

So I'll probably be asking some nagging questions over at the adult forum, as I've got my GP appointment to try and get a referral (and not go through failing with counselling again).