Daughter 36, recently diagnosed with Autism

Hello everyone.

New here. At the beginning of February our daughter was diagnosed with Atism. It’s been such a long journey. I have launched her on the world so many times and every time she hit the rocks. Having worked in the field of disabled children for 20 years and having been involved in producing training resources for social workers and service providers, i failed to spot my own child’s autism. 

The young woman who assessed her was not in the slightest bit surprised that I hadn’t been able to identify the root cause of her difficulties. Even though I have been Trying to support her all her life, the diagnosis has been a massive game changer.

i feel like a black hole, absorbing her negativity. She is a wonderful young woman and the positive energy she emits is equally powerful but I’m just not coping with the emotional responsibility. The realisation that this is not going to go away.

i have so much to say I feel that I could type my fingers off...right here and now. No one to talk to about it. My husband isn’t one to talk. No one else believes she’s autistic, apart from her twin brother and older brother. I feel exhausted with the maelstrom of emotions since she was diagnosed.

i would like to connect with other parents that have been around, in a support role when a late diagnosis comes about.