I’ve recently been assessed and diagnosed as autistic. Only my family know of the diagnosis. I’m undecided if I should tell my employer. On the one hand I thought it might help with my relations within my team. On the other, I wondered if others had found being open about autism as a barrier to career progression? Or treating you differently if you hadn’t been open about it?

  • I chickened out of telling my employer although I'm fairly sure they've figured it out for themselves.

    If you tell them you are protected by the equalities act. If you don't tell them you are not. Legally they can't stop your career from progressing although proving its discrimination is unfortunately very difficult.

    What is your employer like? Would you feel comfortable telling them? Are they likely to understand?

    I think it massively depends on whether you think you need help at work or if you think your autism could cause problems for you in the work place.