brain freeze just trying to navigate around this site

Hi all!

You all seem to be like minded people so I must be in the right place, I do hope so? 

Can I ask you all or anyone, when first coming to this platform did any of you have the same difficulty as me with regards to in introducing themselves?

I have took all day to get to this point and send this one message to you, which I have wrote five times now because of fear for saying something wrong, or going into to much detail or not enough detail and once again being misunderstood or judged wrongly by others? I do hope that this time things are different? 

I personally don't believe in any labeling of human beings as this only serves to divide the human race further apart from one another which will never be good in the long run for any species.

Also ironically from what little I know of this diagnosis other than experiencing it my whole life, with 70%of my time in a given week interacting with others resulting in a misunderstanding wrongful judgment followed by character assassination followed by isolation and segregation from the group, does any one here relate to this? 

I look forward to connecting and being part of this community!

  • I understand people saying they don't like labelling and their being a divide. But I personally only just got diagnosed. And I felt so different and so segregated my whole life and never fully understood why until I was diagnosed so for me that "label" was really important. I don't think of it is as a label, it's just part of who I am. I do understand why people don't like it though. I hate it when there is an us and them divide. We are all just people. Autism shouldn't be any more different than wearing glasses.

    I wouldn't say I spend lots of time having character assassination but I have experienced this. I often find at social occasions I will say something that people react to and suddenly notice that big difference between us.

    I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

  • Hey :) 

    For saying hello, I didn't think too much, just a quick introduction and got involved really! People here are quite helpful and supportive, so I wouldn't worry about being judged on here!

    I think the social game is a really interesting one for us, and a lot of it has to worked out along the way, for better or for worse! People will come and go from your life, so it's not pleasant but it's natural (unless something has gone really wrong!)x

    Much love <3

  • Hi ya.

    I think social media is a good place for people with autism. You can pretty much say anything and it either gets accepted or it doesn't.

    I get told off for spending hours thinking what to write sometimes. But I just joined the forum today and found it fairly easy to dive on in and start posting (I dunno, its early days. I could just be spouting a load of verbal diarrhea)

    Anyways, welcome to the forum!

  • Yes I did as I am a very unique person and using some different name for privacy was difficult. As I am still not yet diagnosed, they will not recognise it (in contradiction to published information).

    I end up writing things more than once too as a little bit of perfectionism as well as being a detail person (typical of bottom up thinkers/Autistics/Aspergers).

    Fully agree about labels as Neuro Typicals only seem to focus on the weaknesses and their knowledge/perceptions (dare I say prejudice) rather than the strengths and other peoples experience.

    Yes, I have done the perception of character assassination feeling, confirmed by others observations.  I feel isolated in my work team so isolate myself even more.  I have so much better interaction, recognition and respect across so much of the company that the local team and I am sure some ego's hate it.

  • Welcome. Just be yourself. I add more things about myself when I feel ready to. As to the autism label, it seems to help professionals to understand what’s maybe going on..... in other words my label is to help them, not me! After all, doctors etc have so many patients that they cannot possibly know each individually, whereas we have a lifetime of knowing ourselves! Your label here is evolutionary-balance, which I personally like. If you decide to change it you can. I like it anyway. 

  • Hi there, 

    It is only just under 4 months since I first came on here myself. I think it was the day that I had my assessment and diagnosis. I’d wanted to join/post before then but personally I needed to have the validation of an ASD diagnosis before I posted anything. My first post was regarding my own diagnosis and I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of people who replied with their own similar experiences. 

    Personally I find the people on this forum to be very understanding, supportive and non-judgemental. Talking with others on here has helped keep me sane when I’ve been having a wobble post-diagnosis. There’s always someone who I can identify with due to a shared experience. Everyone helps each other on here. I hope you enjoy talking with others on here as much as I do.

  • hi,for me as a 53yr old late diagnosis asperger the label doesnt bother me in the slightest,always knew i was different anyway and still am.

    yes ive started to write things and then thought,hold up wait a minute,i dont think you need worry about saying the wrong thing,just edited !!.

    sometimes my taps on full sometimes its a dribble,today i thought i would comment.

    i find it nice here!