Hello all a bit about me


My name is Daniel I had a late diagnosis for high functioning autism but how I got to that diagnosis was a long and painful route.

I had struggles with social situations, and how I manage and view the world.  High levels of depression, anxiety got worse over the years until I hit what I think is called a "Burnout".  I wasn't diagnosed with anything other than depression.  I was sent to Therapy, that opened some wounds, had a incredibly painful transference experience that almost cost me my life which led to a total break down.  It took me 3 years to get over the worse but I haven't been the same since.  During that 3 years some signs caught the mental health teams attention such as compulsive behaviour, dangerous hobbies and social issues which lead to me getting a test for Autism.  I was given the diagnosis during that test.

I have a very stressful life with many bad things going on, Iv not been in work for some time, and have had several melt downs during the last few years which takes me close to suicide.  On the positive note Im highly creative and am able to learn things to a high level at the cost of burning out.  Because I have to be very orderly and think very carefully how I plan to speak and articulate myself I am able to teach certain things in detail in a way that translates complex topics into more simple layman terms.  The main problem for me is I don't know how to pace myself, and when to stop, or when something is good enough.  My social skills are tuned quite well at times which I think is due to a very late diagnosis, but I have to put on a front as I don't know who I actually am, this becomes hard work so I cant keep this up for long.

Thanks for reading.