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My not yet diagnosed 12 yr old daughter threw herself off a building in an attempt to kill herself, She survived and was admitted to a mental health unit where she was diagnosed as Autistic. She was a very happy playful person, until the age where NT's(neuro typical) , start to go sexual due to puberty, At this point it appears that the social mask's that she developed were now out of date and no longer useful, And also that the new game involves a lot more eye contact, Something she cannot bear as it hurts. So she found herself being called a monster and was bullied. I fully understand that no autistic child should be put through this, They are themselves never going to choose this life , So i will let her choose how much she wants to engage with NT' children at this stage(when we get her back)

Being a NT myself, I know how nasty , abusive and wicked NT children are for the next 10 years. 

I am a very strange thinker when it comes to life, i like to ask very awkward questions in regards to what people think is "real" 

And i am shocked and amazed that so many questions my mind is asking do not seem to be being asked or answered anywhere ?

Yet when I talk to my daughter and try to ascertain what her reality is like, She tells me "yes dad, you've got it, you understand, you understand even more than the doctors"

So who wants a very challenging conversation in regards to what Autism actually is ?

I will lead , it does not need a cure, they are only disabled by us , without us they would be fine

And at present are being tortured and abused by NT's trying to make them more NT ish in behaviour.

Ill start with this, the greatest lie ever told to children is this "everyone goes to bed at night "

Hi again 

  • Greetings to NAS61678 from Myself... (I cannot guarantee to be here everyday so please do not rely upon Me.)

    I Post in support of what You say, and because I like what You wrote (And because no-one else has Posted yet.). I myself am Aspergers, over 45 Years old, and You write as if Aspergers Yourself, mayhaps. (!) But, I also Post a little caution... Please try not to become too angry or indignant... DO use that anger to strengthen your validations of Reality, and your Logical Reasoning, and Perceptions of Reality, and your Sense of Common Justice... and especially all of that in order to maintain things or change anything for the better.

    Go ahead and ask "Questions" in this Forum... There is more understanding and tolerance here. "It does not need a cure" is a thing also understood here. I suggest you have a look around the Forum. and You may find that you have come to the right place to find the right people to agree with you. (Even if, like Myself, they cannot always Post.)

    Finally, if for a Topic for conversation...

    the greatest lie ever told to children is this "everyone goes to bed at night "

    I have often thought of a Thread like that, it would be a bit mean, though... Yet totally true. I myself would counter: "But in the Winter, Nightfall is sometimes at 1700 Hours (5 PM)! And People are still shopping?"

    Other than that, "Great Lies" I recall, can, as I say, make a Thread of thier own.

    "Smile and the World Smiles with You. Frown and You turn the World upside-down."

    ...Because I hardly ever smiled in my own childhood, I was told this often and with vehemence...

    This Post is LONG. Excuse Me, and Apologies, I shall break it off now, preferring that someone else should Post here. Sometimes I do misunderstand a Thread, and so it is prudent for me to hesitate... y'know. Good Fortune to Yourself from Me in anycase.

  • Sometimes I do misunderstand a Thread,

    ...I see. I did it again. I am not a Parent. Goodbye, then.

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