Need advice Pre teen AS daughters moods

Hi! My 10 yo daughter was diagnosed with ASD when she was 5 and we’ve had great progress with her mainstream schooling and support. 

I’m aware though that she’s changing, her body and hormones are kicking in and she’s becoming moody and more anti social lately. She has spoken about dark thoughts and written a few disturbing things such as feeling unloved and worthless. She’s also expressed worry about feeling weird and different to her peers and said she doesn’t feel like it’s worth joining in anything as she just upsets everyone. 

Anotger wirrying development is that she’s developed a hatred for her cousin that is in the same class at school as her, they’ve grown up together and always been so close but now my daughter refuses to even be in the same room as her at home! They haven’t had any fall out and her cousin is as baffled as we are. I’ve tried to explain that she will always have her in her life as we are a close family but she just says “don’t remind me. I hate her” in a monotone voice. (Her voice has become much more monotone lately) 

my question is for anyone with daughters the same age or experience of this. Do I need to try and access further support for her or is this all very “normal” and would addressing it make things worse or draw too much attention to it? I don’t know how best to proceed.

im in South Wales area. UK 


  • Hi 

    We did not know our daughter had Autism , As the other children started to change and engage in male female attraction social  games which all NT's do , she found her ability to mimic and get away with it, deteriorated rapidly, She suddenly found herself lost as the social mask she had practised and studied was no longer useful as the social game had changed, She threw herself off a building in a attempt to end her life, She survived and was diagnosed with autism, So i'm trying to tell you hoping you will listen NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, except the allowance for daughter to grow up safely without ridicule, torment, abuse and physical abuse, that she may be forced to endure ,if you continue to force her to do something her brain is not wired to do, E.G. Socialise with other NT:s at this terrible age. Your daughter has finally understood that she will never ever have a NT brain, and so at this point hates all NT's, with good reason, we are wicked, nasty abusive and we expect everyone to be normal, Let her stay at home, its too much of a risk at this age to engage in the NT world, I have not read or watched a single autistic person ever say that they enjoyed being forced into the NT world, so please don't risk it, the highest % of suicides is taken up by autistic girls and boys at this age, because we force them to play our game and not let them play theirs 

    Kind regards

    and good luck,