Hi My 17 year old son has just been diagnosed with ASD.  Although it was a relief it was also quite upsetting and I just feel guilty he had to struggle all through school.  Not sure what happens next? I have been told to go back to my GP.

My son is not accepting it at the moment and he never goes out anymore as he is suffering with high Anxiety.

Any tips and advise would be most welcome.

  • Don’t be hard on yourself about missing the signs of autism, many of us here were diagnosed far later in life. I wasn’t the oldest at 61, I remember one chap telling me he was diagnosed the day before he retired. 

    What happens next will probably be up to your GP. He may or may not much about autism. Some people find CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) helpful for anxiety. Being a teenager he may not be amenable to that. I would recommend some sort of martial art, particularly one that emphasises breathing techniques like Hapkido, Shaolin Kung Fu or a Karate class that teaches correct breathing methods. There are many videos about it on YouTube he might like to look at first. The act of following someone’s physical movement is now thought to also help autistic people in social situations as well. Learning breathing techniques is an important step in dealing with anxiety.

    If he is academically inclined he could spend his time learning - for instance - how to code. This will help with future employment. There are many free text books available on the internet, one such site is:

    A diagnosis can come as a shock, even if it was expected. He will hopefully learn to play to his strengths and learn measures to ameliorate any difficulties. All the best, Graham.

  • Thank you Graham for all the info very helpful. I will be going to my GP next week.