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Hi. I’ve been very recently diagnosed and just joined the forum. I’m 55 and medically retired from work in 2015. I also have Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY).

  • Hi Nozzer, and welcome.

    I'm 60 later this year, and was diagnosed in 2015.  I wasn't sure what Klinefelter Syndrome was and had to look it up.  Have you found that it's affected your health in any way?

    Anyway... I hope you like being here.  It's a very friendly and supportive community, with many kindred spirits I'm sure.

    All the best,


  • Thanks. I could have done with this forum when I was having problems at work with social situations and misunderstanding what information people were seeking. I was an Information Officer before I retired. The research work was easy, but I often found enquirers wanted answers to questions they didn’t ask but my colleagues understood innately what they wanted. My employer didn’t regard invisible illnesses such as depression etc as genuine.

    On the Klinefelter syndrome matter, there is growing evidence that people with Klinefelter syndrome exhibit autistic traits. In KS there is defective executive brain function, hypogonadism and raised risk of autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and certain cancers such as male *** cancer and germ cell cancers. The DWP and others, despite ample medical evidence to the contrary, seem to believe that people grow out of developmental disorders like KS and that it only causes sterility. That’s the least of our problems.

  • Hi nozzer!

    1. are you derived from the navy slang for novice?
    2. the urban slang word for nasal hair
    3. slang for a NOS canister (laughing gas)

    or....maybe derived from the anti sleep device the nozzer watch. Apparently “more effective than coffee, and doesn’t have side effects”. (

    plesantly intrigued.... 

  • I'm intrigued about what the '***' is that the forum censor has picked up on.

  • It’s when you get cancer of the *. The ** unfortunately means it may of spread. *** - eek

  • Hi Nozzer

    Welcome aboard.

    I retired in 2015 too (I'm 52 now) - loving the freedom. Best thing that ever happened to me.

    What do you do to fill all your time?