NEWBIE with 2 Girls with ASD


I am a Mum of 2 girls, aged 11 and 9, who both display ASD characteristics. My eldest is currently under CAMHS and I am just in the process of getting my youngest referred. I am feeling lost and alone and am hoping that you lovely people can help me with this. My eldest girl is a master at masking and it is really only at home we see the full issues she is facing. Last night she revealed she had thought about suicide - this has really thrown me. She is 11 and has a lovely home and school life - I know it is not something she would seriously do, but to know that she has even had thoughts about it has really upset me. My youngest is also displaying huge indicators of also having ASD and believes she is worthless and that she doesn't know who she is and that she is sad all the time. My husband suffers depression and is struggling with the concept that they both are struggling. My Dad had Aspergers and I know this runs in families.

I guess I am not looking for answers, but just to know I am not alone in my struggles. I am doing a lot of reading and trying to change how I support them, but I feel a little lost at times. I would love to make contact with some other parents of girls with Autism, especially those going through puberty.