Hello to everyone ... from Italy

I'm 55 years old and I live in a little town near Naples in Italy with my family: my wife and my twins (21). My son is autistic (diagnosed since 3 years old). All my time (except job!) is dedicated to improve and support my son in his artistic activities and self advocacy actions (he's an hiking love, real Environment "hero" and defender of Nature and endagered species (particularly WOLVES : see on web videos searching "Simone Notari mostra lupi" that's mean "Exposition Wolves". I'm really interested in all news about social programs, activities and personal experiences especially life projects and training to improve daily life of autistic people especially adults. I collaborate with public and private local insitutions to improve the awareness of autism in the society.

I really hope to get to know other experiences and establish a good sharing ... although I'm in another country!!


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