I've already posted in another thread looking for help, but you are all probably used to that. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with AS after years of suffering and wondering why, diagnosed with anxiety and depression, originally identified a problem in my early twenties,  was complaining of not being given the, 'how to be a human', handbook namely  an inability to communicate,  you know small talk etc. Anyway I love dogs especially sight hounds, I have 2 whippets and a greyhound, they are my world! I also love reading especially feel good books or fantasy fiction and some biographies if I find that person interesting, I use my books to escape. I also love films but not the ones most people like, my favourite is 'fly away home' the one about the girl teaching the geese to fly south for the winter. I am a nurse, well at the moment anyway. I've been nursing for 15 years in the community and it fits really well just enough human contact but not too much, the perfect job for an aspie femail.