I’m new hear

Hi there my name is Emily I’m nearly 30 years old and  have a lovely autistic boyfriend called Alex i don’t know much about autism and I would love to know more about how to help him I’m even looking at courses 

  • ...Hmm, no other replies as yet? Well, this is, sort of, the standard starter stuff:

    Hello "Emily"/NAS 50484, and Welcome to the Forum, and please feel free to look around, and to learn more, and do reply as you please.

    Meanwhile, here is a Starting Link about "Autism" in general:


    ...which links to so many other links which NAS keep changing that it is not a thing to do in mentioning them, just keep looking around and see what you prefer.

    Apart from that... As you say "I'm new hear", I would just reply that I myself am not new here, but I did "hear" you for that opening Post. If you want more details then ask a bit more, or better yet reply to whomever next/else gives a more specific reply than my one, here. Good Luck to you, of course.

  • Hi, 

    I joined this site as a parent looking for advice for a child with asd and have found the community members so helpful and insightful it really has been invaluable! For us as a family trying to research for our daughter has also led us to the fact that in all likelihood my partner is also autistic so has led to greater understanding at home 

    I hope you find as much insight and support as I have

    Good luck!

  • Welcome Emily.  It's nice that you're trying to get to understand more about your boyfriend.  Make sure you encourage him to understand more about you so it's reciprocated :-).

    I'd just like to say that I came across a free course on understanding autism on the Open University Openlearn website:


    I've not gone into yet so I don't know what it covers (it's on my to-do list...) but I thought I'd mention it in case it might be useful to you.

    Best Regards,


  • Hello Emily (and ) I can recommend the 'openlearn'  'Understanding autism' course provided free of charge by the Open University as a good starting point.@Windscale has kindly provided a link to the course on this thread.