My history

Was misdiagnosed in 2006 as schizophrenic.

GP “I have been informed you hear voices.”

me “who told you that?”

GP “I cannot legally tell you. Data Protection Act.”

me “my ears work fine, doc.”

GP “that is an affirmative agreement.”

me “no that’s not what I meant.”

GP “are you claiming that you deny hearing voices?”

me “yes”

GP “denial of schizophrenia is a secondary symptom.”

me “for a start, how could someone else know whether I hear voices unless they are telepathic, in which case...”

GP “on the basis you present multiple symptoms I am referring you to the local mental health team.”

me “this is ridiculous”

Thirteen years of social prejudice followed. The stigma of a schizophrenia allegation destroys lives. I did discover my narcissistic abusive mother had lied to the GP attempting to discredit me during my parents divorce proceedings. 

Today I was rediagnosed by a different team in a different county, who I have been seeing for several years. They say I’m autistic. I always suspected that but how can a person really know? It feels right. 

Finally I might actually get the help I do need. 

So, I joined this forum.