Older prediagnosis struggling

I am yet to be diagnosed and really struggling with all the faux pas I've probably committed over the years. I have extreme social anxiety, but when actually committed to a conversation I open up far too much and living in a small community its just making me not want to go out at all. 

I've tried masking for years but truth is I just don't have the energy to mask or keep friendships going. I'm panicking a lot and feel at odds with the world. I feel too much! I feel like a fraud as I have no diagnosis, I feel like I will lose the plot if I'm diagnosed and be even worse if I remain undiagnosed. I am sick of hearing were all on the spectrum it just doesn't help me at all I don't understand the world or the people in it and want to hide away or be mute.

I don't have any answers no one takes me seriously so I don't feel like I can talk about it. 

  • I think you are depresed, We all say embarring things I cringe at some of the things I said or did half a centuary ago. Thats life. everybody does it. With todays technology everybody losing the ability to communicate face to face, it will become more common the upside the Recipient of the comment will be just as affected and not take any notice., I have just had to think back to 72 years ago to what I said to my mother now dead about her new Hair do and still cringe at the offence I caused, and wish I had not said it.I said what any 7 year old boy would have said at a change in your mothers appearance not knowing a compliment was sought.

    Myadvice Think about what you like doing Make a list and chose and do it, until you getfed up. when you have found something else.

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