Hi,I have a 9 year old son and we're just starting our journey and have been referred to our CAMHS locality practitioner. I don't know what to expect from here as I had always believed up until now we could manage his behaviours at home but have come to the conclusion we need outside help and support. 

It's taken so long for us to start our journey as previous to this his quirks seemed to be just that, quirks. But it's become more apparent to us at home and school that it is something more than that as his social development and self management seems to have faltered somewhat. He's an intelligent boy who is doing great in school other than in these areas that are now starting to effect his schoolwork. 

My son has suddenly seemed to be struggling much more with managing his emotions and being able to self regulate. Having more meltdowns and then he seemingly goes into shut down which incurs slowed speech and as though he has zoned out meaning he struggles to listen and follow simple instruction. As I said, this has been building gradually and has suddenly become much worse! Also his anxiety is through the roof at the moment. So I'm just learning the best techniques to help him and I'll admit to not getting it right a lot of the time! 

Found this page while looking for support for people who are awaiting a diagnosis. However, I'm struggling to see where I fit and where to turn for support as he isn't presenting with severe (not the right word but my brain is failing me after a long day) traits of autism. I worry that people think I'm milking it or putting it on or that I'm just looking for attention as he isn't extreme at all.

Sorry for rambling! I just wanted to say hi and out it all came!! 

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