Vietnam Autism Speaks

Dear all,

Nice to meet you !

I'am Andy Trung from Hanoi city, Vietnam and founder of Vietnam Autism Speaks at Vietnam / / NPO

Hope that we can connect and help autism childrens.

I love autistic childrens !!!

Andy Trung

  • Good move, Andy! Welcome! I really think your post needs some attention; so as I live a bit closer to you than most of the posters here, I may ask a few questions if you don't mind.

    I'm wondering if the government and medical system of Vietnam fully acknowledges the existence of Autism in all age groups. The reason I'm asking is that I have found that in at least one ASEAN country there is some major resistance to the idea that adults can be found with autism. Now, as that same country does actually seem to acknowledge children and young people with autism, it wouldn't appear to be difficult to just think that people with autism age just like everyone else. But I suppose you might say politics can easily get in the way. I have some ideas why this resistance is occurring, but no real proof. I personally think it is more of a local problem, but you might have some thoughts on that across the region.