Lorry drivers and getting diagnosed.

Hi everyone, 

im new here. I'll cut a long story short, basically for years my mum and I have both thought I've been Autistic, I really struggle with most things you'd read relating to it (I don't need to go through them, I'm sure you all get what I mean) 

My issue that I'm a lorry driver, I'm scared they'll try and revoke my licence. I think it makes me pay more attention to the little details but I'm not sure if the DVLA will see it that way. Is anyone here a lorry driver? after all these years of struggling it'd be so nice to have an idea what makes me struggle with making new friends, saying rude things struggling to understand people And worst of all, social situations. My anxiety goes through the roof to meet new people especially when it's more than one :(. 

I could pay privately too but I guess they'd have to tel my Dr still. I also used to get a lot of help for depression, I could speak to my previous pscyistrist maybe? 

Can anyone help me With any info? 

Thanks in advance. 

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