Disproportionate Frustration when Unwell

I hate feeling even a little bit out of kilter.  It stops me being able to concentrate and I get incredibly frustrated, even to the point of meltdown at times.

At the moment I have mild hayfever so nothing to worry about, but I also have chronic tendinopathy in a couple of joints and it seems the two issues are just augmenting each other.  I just want to get on with my day but can't seem to get beyond focussing on the discomfort.  Does anyone else get distracted like that? and then super annoyed with themselves Joy

  • I find illness lowers my resilience threshold. If a period of illness lasts more than a couple of days for me, there's a much higher chance that I'll kind of 'lose it' at some point, which may include a meltdown if I get 'triggered' by something.

    I also have type 1 diabetes and if my sugar levels become hard to control over a number of days, I find it very hard to keep the resulting frustration, anger and worry inside.

    This became a problem in my last relationship. I wish I could new ways to have 'safer meltdowns'. I know in the care sector, workers talk about 'safe venting' as a way to deal with anger and stress. I think preventing a meltdown might be a step too far for some of us but to learn how to safely meltdown in different situations would/could be helpful.

  • After with working with my local neurodevelopmental team we discussed how autistic people are obviously more sensitve to external sensory input but also internal too! so if we're unwell we're a lot more sensitive to it meaning we get overwhelmed and distracted by it and can't deal with it as easy as neurotypicals can. i constantly have meltdowns when i'm unwell