FEMALE AUTISM - awareness????


I am new to this forum and fairly new to the autistic community so am going to try and summaries my experience. 

Im 24 and my therapist has referred me for an autism diagnosis (something i definitely have). Ive been passed around mental health services/doctors etc since 15 and been diagnosed with various things such as social anxiety, depression, traits of BPD and OCD. Before my referral I was ready to give up with getting help because therapy etc has never helped me and i started to believe i was just broken. but since reading on female autism it has completely changed my mindset and everything has made sense.

As someone who has lived a fairly "normal" life with a bunch of friends, went through university and had many jobs, this is something that I know will be hard for those who know me to accept or believe. 

The fact it has taken 24 years really frustrates me because I know a lot of my problems could of been answered years ago if id just had a diagnosis. **LONG STORY SHORT** I'm really considering making some sort of fundraiser/website/petition for autism awareness in females. The lack of research, knowledge and help online and from GP's is absolutely terrible and something that frustrates me. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions on how to do this? or if this already exists?

Im sick of the misdiagnosis and awareness of female autism and i really really want to change that

thanks :)