FEMALE AUTISM - awareness????


I am new to this forum and fairly new to the autistic community so am going to try and summaries my experience. 

Im 24 and my therapist has referred me for an autism diagnosis (something i definitely have). Ive been passed around mental health services/doctors etc since 15 and been diagnosed with various things such as social anxiety, depression, traits of BPD and OCD. Before my referral I was ready to give up with getting help because therapy etc has never helped me and i started to believe i was just broken. but since reading on female autism it has completely changed my mindset and everything has made sense.

As someone who has lived a fairly "normal" life with a bunch of friends, went through university and had many jobs, this is something that I know will be hard for those who know me to accept or believe. 

The fact it has taken 24 years really frustrates me because I know a lot of my problems could of been answered years ago if id just had a diagnosis. **LONG STORY SHORT** I'm really considering making some sort of fundraiser/website/petition for autism awareness in females. The lack of research, knowledge and help online and from GP's is absolutely terrible and something that frustrates me. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions on how to do this? or if this already exists?

Im sick of the misdiagnosis and awareness of female autism and i really really want to change that

thanks :) 

  • I think awareness is miles better than it was only a few years ago (though there is clearly some way to go). Just look on Google, YouTube, or Amazon and you will see there has been a relative EXPLOSION in resources for females. In fact, as a male Aspie, most of the books I get recommended on Amazon are designed for female Aspies (for some reason). I've only just been diagnosed and I'm 45. But I'm not angry about it (you sound angry), these things happen.

  • Hi! I don't have any info on existing petitions or fundraisers as I'm fairly new to the autistic community myself and am about the same stage as you are! I just wanted to say that I'm a 20 year old girl who is self diagnosed and in the early stages of getting a formal diagnosis, and I feel exactly the same as you. The awful lack of understanding, awareness, research and resources for women with ASD is so detrimental for everyone! I want to offer my support in any way possible if you are making a website or petition etc., and feel free to message me any time to talk or swap experiences!

    It's so frustrating and shocking how our experiences aren't taken seriously and are so often sadly dismissed.

    I do know of some instagram pages which have been really useful to do with female autism - I can recommend if you're interested! Do you have any resources or book recommendations which you've found helpful?



  • Hey! I’m 24 and coming to terms with being autistic. I really want to begin searching for my formal diagnosis (there is no doubt in my mind, or anyone else’s mind). Where do I even begin? It feels to tiring and labour-some for non-males, 

  • *so tiring.

    thank you in advance for any suggestions! 

    I came onto this community for the first time ever tonight and I’ve just been sobbing happy tears. I’ve never felt so seen! So understood!! 

    plus I’ve seen wonderful studies of cats and that’s really ticking boxes. 

    thank you all for being you, and in turn, reminding me that I can be me! 

  • I feel like we're very much at the same place, and I also saw the cut studies and I loved them! It is such a relief to realise you're not alone and it takes guts to diagnose yourself and put yourself out there and get yourself a diagnosis so I am proud of you, good job! 

    In terms of searching for a formal diagnosis you can try going through your GP and asking for a referral through there, however I was told recently from my GP that they aren't taking referrals at the moment because it's so backed up because of covid and the waiting list is too long currently or something crap like that (however I still recommend trying because every area might be different!) If you have the funds available, you could also go for a private diagnosis which is just as valid. Try the national autistic society directory list of professional diagnostic teams in your area for more info!

  • I have been fighting with the quirky girl inside me since I was a toddler. 

    I have been trying to hide her so that nobody can see her. 

    Because they will reject me if they get to know her. 

    But she wants to come outside because it suffocates her.

    Your story sounds exactly like mine!  I wish Autistic girls didn't have to wait this long to realise that its okay to feel what they feel. I am 25 now and I wish I was aware of autism earlier. I want to see a movie about an autistic girl.