Autism and Illness

Hey I'm Jess,

I was diagnosed with autism early on in my life when I was very little because I wouldn’t bond with the other kids and wouldn’t eat anything new, I didn’t like being touched by anyone but my mum either. Growing up I slowly adapted to my Autistic life and started meditation to try and assist me through all the hard stuff which worked wonders. I also had a feeling of unwell which lingered with me all the time. It felt like the flu and there was also indigestion and abdominal discomfort and pain, I put this down to the Autism because I’d read before that it was common for people like us to suffer like this. I kinda figured I should seek professional help just to be sure, I was scared and didn’t. Eventually I did because nausea was occurring every day and I really was feeling poorly and it turned out to be cancer. The treatment was ridiculously painful and grim and sent my Autism haywire, my meditation helped but this took me completely out of my routine and added so much uncertainty and sent me to a dark place. I managed to come out on the other side though of which I was eternally grateful for. But then this year after a scan it has come back again, and this time has spread to lymph nodes and my liver :( I’m undergoing treatment and it is destroying me mentally and physically. I've been having a lot of meltdowns and the effects of the treatment are sending me over the edge. I've always hated not feeling 100% so it's especially bad rn. The outcome doesn’t look favourable but I’m determined to stay positive! I still have a lot to do and live for so it isn't over until it's over.

I always intended to join here ages ago. I'm happy to help anybody, if they have cancer I'm happy to discuss it with you. But overall I always wanted to make friends, better late than never. I’m here now and would like to get to know everyone :) Friendship is something I’ve never experienced so... Hello! How are you!?