Don’t know what to say

Recently diagnosed asd by some margin 2 weeks ago. Not sure what to think. Fear of repetition of previous threads. Worrying what others now think of me. Know it doesn’t matter and I shouldn’t Worry but.... People I would say should be talking to me are blanking issue And leaving me wondering what I’ve done wrong. Heads resembling an hotpoint at full chat ........

  • To me it felt like a mourning process. Give yourself lots of time now to think and read up on the matter. You reached out here, this is a good point to meet other people facing similar issues. Don't make hard changes in your life for the moment, just take it in, think, get information. 

    After a while you'll realise and get evidence that what used to work before still works. It's not a good idea to start telling people about the diagnoses. It's a spectrum, but they associate it with Rainman and some other popular asperger stereotypes... If people like you and spend time with you, they do that because they like your company, quirkyness included. That will not change. 

    To me, in retrospect, it was a bit like Darwin's scientific work... everything that made me odd and quirky makes sense for the new explanation of how my brain works... I hope you'll get that same insight.. Rest is key... try to get into a position in life where you can organise your life according to the limitations that you might have.