Help with message and card to cheer a good friend up

My friend who is a nurse. Recently told me how people didn’t understand, why she was effected by the death of one of her work colleagues. When she’s surrounded by life and death everyday. This really upset me, she felt like this. I want to send her a card to cheer her up, and let her know she’s only human and it’s okay to still feel ‘effected’ by this. But what on earth do I say? And in what kind of card??

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  • In my experience it's not about understanding how she feels, but letting them know it's ok to feel and giving a safe space to feel without judgement or advice.

    Situations like this, my personal style would be to go for a card with picture of hugging animals, and just write Hug, hug, hug over and over inside.

    I'm not subtle with things like this and my friends know that so it doesn't seem weird, main thing is she knows you're there regardless of how she feels. Trying to make her feel better puts pressure on her to feel better, and can add guilt for being upset.