Inspirational Words And Grinning Toddlers Will Not Fix Nutritional Deficiencies...

Usually I say "Greetings", but now I say Fare Thee Well, All. I gained practical help after being Hacked, but now I am writing this in advance, whilst I still have some measure of Common Consideration and Logic left for anyone... and some Health to support it.

I try to maintain being helpful on this Forum... but I am in London, plus Hot Weather is coming. I am likely not going to be allowed to do the things or obtain the things which I need to keep Myself Healthy (or perhaps even Sane?), and so I am signing off with this Thread. Perhaps I might come back.


Feel Free to use this Thread for Complaints & Points, anyone... it is what I would use it for, but I would eventually become too angry and/or ill, and so I am leaving for now. Some examples follow.

- I wrote this in My previous Thread, but only One other person seemed to get it. If forced to isolate, what if something breaks?
- Bread and Milk are not "essentials" to Me.
- On other Threads here, some have pointed out that Helplines are inadequate.
- Also The Rich Folk say "We are in this together" but *they* can leave London and go shopping and impose further Restrictions.
- If Children (& Stalkers) decide to go around in gangs and carry on as they are then there is no law to restrict *them*.
- Sometimes I ask for a specific thing (food, medicine, etc.) and something which is said to be the same is supplied instead which is almost useless --- but only to Me (!).
- My Technology is OLD and so cannot always download "essential" Apps or Information.
- I used Cash, not Cards, so in London, now shopping is restricted & how am I supposed to buy things "online"?

---I would probably have more to say, I cannot think of all of it just now. Good Luck, Everyone, Try to Stay Nice to Eachother.