Limited diet, covid 19, autism child

I have a 8 year old son with autism.
As of Friday schools will close.
He is one of the vulnerable who has asthma and needs to take 2 different inhalers everyday, a third one to be taken when needed, and steroid crystals. He has several medical issues that comes along with autism, like bowel movements and takes medication everyday, sleep issues which is on going, and the most important issue is diet issues. He has a very strict diet and has had this for the past 5 years, as you are aware, people/children with autism have limited diets, reluctant to change foods and struggle with change, and this results in poor health. With the coronavirus panic and people stock buying, I'm starting to panic. I'm a single mum of 2 children, both fall in vulnerable category, just like a lot of people in the region. I don't drive, and with the children been off school, I would have no choice to take them out. I have been to 6 different supermarkets today and 4 yesterday, and I left with absolutely nothing. I couldn't go to the supermarkets before 9 o'clock. Delivery is fully booked until next Thursday in most supermarkets and a lot of items are out of stock. My main concern, and why I'm asking for advice on here is....... my disabled child will only eat McDonald's chicken nuggets. They have to be McDonald. Over the years ive tried tricking him with different types of nuggets and trust me for 5 years nothing has worked. Dietician and paediatrians have tried but unfortunately the doctors have said it will happen in time. My worry is McDonald's closing Down due to the coronavirus epidemic, or food not getting shipped from where ever they get it from. It's costs me 8.98 per day for 2x 20 chicken nuggets sharebox. I'm so low on money and now with schools shutting it's worse. I no they are giving vouchers or meals to help but in my situation, this will be no use..... I can't use vouchers at McDonald's and the school meal will be no use..... there's only 2 things he eats..... krave cereal by Kelloggs and McDonald's chicken nuggets..... The dietician he attends are shut and the shakes they provide he will not touch.... I've tried and will not work. Evan doctors and paediatricians are aware..... my questions are, does anybody know of a McDonald's that would let you buy a bag of frozen chicken nuggets?....... is this allowed?....... what will I do if they tempore shut...... how can I afford nuggets at 9 pound for 7 days? It would be cheaper buying frozen but unsure if your allowed..... please note I've never done this next question as it can be dangerous but could I buy and freeze them? I'm lost and so worried..... what can I do..... everybody stock piling is resulting in me spending more money travelling to different shops, which then leaves me with no option but to buy anything whats left, which is branded stuff. This then leaves me with evan less money to get my sons nuggets, it costs £62.98 for 7 days to feed him his nuggets. X4 for a month...... i hope people can think about parents and carers of disabled children or elderly at this crucial time and leave stuff for us on the shelf. This opening early for vunerable is just getting bombarded with people who nearly cause injury rushing to get items..... please think of single mums like myself...... Thank you
Any advice will be great. 
  • If he starves or is exceptionally hungry will he eat other food? 

    I am guessing McDonalds will close down or may already have since they are places where people congregate.  Only thing I can think is to get as much cereal in as you can.  I have a massively limite diet myself but not as bad as his, so I empathoise.  I am currently trying to work out how to get food for myself and my elderly parents.  Not an easy task.

    I think a lot of people will be going theough this within the community.

    I really think they should put the army in the stores, armed and point guns at stockpilers and ultimately shoot them.  Anyone found profiteering should also be shot.  It makes my blood boil.  Sorry shouldnt rant, lol.  but I feel for you on getting food.

    I just checked.  McDonalds have closed all stores in the UK as ordered by the Governement.  So im afraid the nuggets are no longer a possibility, probably for the next 3 months.

  • Hi NAS62235,

    It sounds like a challenging time with your son, I appreciate that it can be stressful worrying about what he will eat at this time. 

    You may like to contact our Autism Helpline team who can provide you with information and advice. You can contact the team via telephone on 0808 800 4104 (Please note that the Helpline are operating a reduced service at the moment, you can check if lines are open here: Please note that the Helpline is experiencing a high volume of calls and it may take a couple of attempts before you get through to speak to an adviser. Alternatively, should you prefer to send a message, you can do so via their webform:

    I hope this is helpful,

    Dani Mod

  • It must be difficult to deal with such kind if disease, especially in this pandemic situation when you have actually limited food and source to live. Really sad to read about this experience from which you are going through. [Link removed by moderator]