Walking problems and joint pain

Hi. My husband has been suffering for 10 years with joint pain starting at first with his back then knees, shoulder and by far the worse, an odd walking gait meaning that his ability to walk without thinking about it is few and far between.  He has had multiple surgeries over the years and last year suffered a complete mental breakdown, at this point he was diagnosed privately. 

When I first met my husband he had a REALLY bouncy walk and would walk around on his toes at home, this over recent years has reduced and been replaced with this awkward and painful walk (it's as if one leg wants to bounce and the other doesn't at times). He's seen physio etc and is simply plied now with opioids which he takes with great reluctance as this impacts on his mental health. 

Last night it clicked that as his bouncy walk has decreased the painful awkward walk has increased and so I researched links between asd mobility issues and there seems to be a lot of American research supporting my thought. My question is, is there any help in the UK? He feels very alone in his problem and he baffles all he sees. Is there any support out there for him? All he wants to do is walk without thinking but it's almost an obsession, his imbalance and walking gate. He's so commited to doing the exercises he gets advised to do so it's not a lack of effort to improve. He has seen anatomy in motion experts and still nothing sticks long term. 


  • I don’t know about support regarding mobility issues that may be connected to autism.....

    But your post Is interesting to me because I have mobility issues, to the point of using walking aids and wheelchairs. I was diagnosed with M.E long before I was diagnosed with autism. But no I do find myself wondering if they’re connected in some way. 

  • Oh yea also my walking problems baffled doctors. They even filmed me to document my weirdness. But a lot of doctors didn’t take it seriously, .or just said I was mental. The doctors that filmed me just thought I was mental and were just filming it to document weirdness I think. But yet the struggles continue. I was eventually diagnosed with M.E. 

  • I have balance and co-ordination problems since childhood, they were mild I could walk, run and ride a bike but struggled to learn to skate, swim or drive until my 30's. It got worse again due to medical problems, seemed to improve for a while but then I started getting arthritis symptoms and an allergic reaction in one leg left me with circulation problems in that leg. (it swells a bit during day then goes down when resting at night)...so I can't walk far and some times need crutches depending how bad my knees are. Really bad days I need a wheelchair just to get from my bed to the loo!

    The freezing cold really makes my mobility worse and more painful to move around. damp wet weather too makes me achey though the pain is not as bad as when temps drop to below 5 degrees. Jan and Feb is usually worse for me but it's been bad early this year cos of the early freezing temps recently.

  • What has he been diagnosed with the advice is different based on your diagnosis