Partner with undiagnosed Asperger's struggling at work.

I think my husband has undiagnosed ASD. We've discussed it together and he agrees that he probably does. I wouldn't change a thing about him, but he is currently trying to complete his probation year of teaching and is really struggling. I've been a teacher myself for nearly 7 years (English and History, but specialising in ASN for the past 4 years). I'm hearing what is going on in his school and it's clear they haven't realised that he is ASD (though I feel it's quite obvious) and are not supporting him with this. For instance, they act as though a missing comment in a jotter, or a class set of first year tests not being marked within the week is a serious matter (asking him to complete this marking during a training session which made him look bad in front of the council - but he did it because they 'strongly suggested' it. They also continually criticise him for not taking on (sometimes contradictory) feedback fast enough and keep threatening him with multiple 'action plans', saying it's to support him. I know that these action plans are actually just a version of performance management that puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on probationer teachers and makes them feel like they are about to fail their year.

He is also particularly struggling with the rather manipulative behaviour of a second year class, and an enormous workload. He is up until at least 2 every morning planning/marking/filling out profiles, then wakes up at 6. We've talked about getting a diagnosis, but as far as I'm aware it is a lengthy process which I don't think will be complete during this placement. He will struggle to explain this to his mentor and PT and advocate for himself regarding this. He has described feeling like he is in a small room with the walls closing in on him. 

I would like to explain it to them for him, but feel like his wife calling his boss would make him look horribly unprofessional. I have tried to help him create tools to organise his planning better and work more efficiently, but he is still taking quite a long time to complete things. It is maths too, which I have never understood, so I can't plan things for him to take some of the load off. I've also tried to get him to take breaks for a walk etc to help him decompress a bit, but I think the time this takes stresses him out even more (he works non-stop most of the time to try to keep up with the school's demands). I've also told him to contact the union, but again, I think he will struggle to communicate what is going on (I've written down some points for him, but I think he'll get flustered when he tries to talk to them).

I am at my wits end. It's really difficult to see him so upset all the time, and not being able to help. I feel like he's on the verge of a pretty serious breakdown. Any advice?