I can’t shut out background noise

Hi does anyone else suffer from the inability to block out noise?  I hear my neighbours, I hear the traffic, car doors slamming, flat doors slamming, barking dogs and I can’t block any of it out.  I live with noise cancelling headphones on all the time, it is now affecting my gait so I’ve been advised to not wear them so much but it is the only way I can deal with the world.  I find it is much worse when I don’t sleep and I never sleep well.  I feel overwhelmed with the noise around me and lost.  Does it ever get better?  The older I get the worse it gets.  I’m having difficulty dealing with every day life.  Does it ever get any better?  I feel like if I couldn’t hear anymore, it would be a relief. I’m constantly exhausted.  Everyone try’s to take your money by promising this supplement will help, or dietary changes will make it better.  Has anyone found anything that makes it better?

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