Childhood fear of school

Hi. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome a couple of months ago, aged 64. So now I am trying to understand the previously inexplicable events of my past.

One memory that haunts me from childhood was what we might call, "The Sunday evening blues".  I would frequently be terrified of going back to school the following day, and my parents would be faced with a boy in floods of tears who was unable to explain why he was so frightened. Just hearing TV and radio shows that ran regularly on a Sunday evening would fill me with dread, because they reminded me that the next thing was 'bed and then school'. This lasted well into my teens, where I would be reading books by torchlight in the early hours of Monday morning, just to put off falling asleep and waking up on a Monday.

Has anyone here experienced this kind of fear? Is there an obvious explanation as to why I might have been like that?

A big hello to everyone here, and I hope I can be of use to you in the future.

Best wishes,