Dental Health Options & Anxiety

I'm recovering from a long bout of depression during which I neglected to look after my teeth as a form of self harm.

About a month ago I visited my dentist for a checkup and I have been referred to a clinic which offers sedation for the extractions I need, but due to the waiting list I will have to wait until January.

Unfortunately my jaw has become infected. I went back to my dentist and was given a course of antibiotics, which I have completed but the pain from both the damaged teeth and the swollen lymph glands is still present.

I get the feeling that if I go to my GP, they'll tell me to go back to my dentist, who will tell me to contact the other clinic, who will tell me to wait until January.

Please can somebody give me some advice? The pain is overwhelming my ability to concentrate and is causing me to lose sleep.

Thank you in advance for your help.